We are blessed with a not just a beautiful day but a perfect day! The humidity levels are not suffocating, surprisingly, (that was a mouthful) and the fact that it did not rain either was a blessing. We do not get nice days like these often, so we have to take advantage of it. Even though I was stuck inside all day at my CC (community college). I reminded myself that it will still be beautiful out when I get out of classes. People tend to be grumpy and less forgiving due to a stressful work week or day at school. Therefore, I like to think that the weather can control our emotions. It can be an add-on to the heavy load or completely turn it around. Everyone deserves one less stressors in their day.

 It is very, very easy to put human spirit down and much more important to lift it up.” — Marina Abramović


“Watch and Follow” – How do you commute to work or college or anywhere? We do not have the best public transportation here, but I am not complaining (only when the train breaks down causing me to be late). But in order to get to my CC everyday, I get a ride to the train station and from there I have to switch one more time to a different train. What I love about Boston is that everywhere is easily accessible. You can basically take the train anywhere!






“Watch and Follow” – What is home to you? 

Seeing my dad’s homemade flower gate; his colorful garden which varies from herbs, squashes, vegetables and flowers. That’s part of what I think home is to me, seeing something familiar. It is comforting knowing that you have this place to go back to if all fails.


8 thoughts on “Sun-kissed

  1. deargatsby

    Love love love your outfit. You should put what you’re wearing/where you got your pieces from on your blog posts, so I can get it too. Haha. Love the blazer and oxfords(?)!!


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