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Give Me Some Color!

As humans, we tend to do anything in our power to acquire some sort of happiness. Although I love winter; the beautiful white snow and all its magic that can only occur in winter. The long, grey, dreary days was getting to me. We barely had any sun even though it was supposed to be “spring.” Our spring consists of temperature ranging from 20s-40s degrees. I do not know about everyone else, as for me, I get extremely happy when the temperature is in the 40s to 50s. That really just made my day. It might not be a method everyone do and they die quickly. However, when I think of spring/summer I think of tulips. It really is the small things you do that makes a difference. By adding tulips in my room, it just makes everything feel better. There’s a pop of color and brightness in the room!


Into The Wild

I do not know what I would do when I do not get one month of vacation anymore. That will be the first welcome to the real world, “Oh hey! You are not in college anymore. Get up and get ready for work!” Just thinking about it makes me want to go to school forever, even though I dread it most of the time. I am finally back from my one month hiatus from everything filled with responsibilities (work, school and life itself). It was relaxing, however, at some point I could have killed myself because I would just lay in the same position watching the same shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU and CSI: Miami). As you can tell, I love any type of cop/forensic shows.

Other than being lazy couch potato that I was, one highlight of my vacation was the annual snowboarding trip my friends and I have each year. Each year we go to a different mountain, somewhere new. This year we decided to head back to our beloved mountain in Maine, Sunday River. Although many prefer other mountains such as Killington or Stowe in Vermont. Sunday River have a good amount of peaks for our group and everyone was able to enjoy their time. I have developed my love for snowboarding probably around 2009. If someone asked how long have I been snowboarding, I would say two full years. Last year was when I finally learned how to carve and was able to catch up with the boys. Also, it was the year where I went snowboarding more than once compared to other years. Maybe that was the reason why I finally knew how to snowboard for once and do not look like a fool going down the mountain.

We finally found our niche, the right people to go with. The group of friends that are down to do things and gets along with everyone. This is the most successful snowboarding trip we have ever had! What’s so great about it is that, we all still keep in touch with one another even though the trip ended. Usually it would be “see you next year!” That would be the case previous years. I am glad we are able to spend time together outside the snowboarding trip.



You should be grateful for everything you have every single day of your life and not just in the month of November. The only thing I’ve seen the last couple weeks was red and Christmas. November is not even halfway, Thanksgiving is not even here yet and everywhere you go, you see Christmas in some advertisement. It makes me wonder what people think of the holiday season. Is it a season to just give gifts and be materialistic? Or why does it need to be some kind of holiday to be grateful for what you have? I’m grateful to be able to wake up every single day on a bed with a blanket over me. While there are many out there trying to keep warm sleeping outside TD Bank North or at some corner of a building. I’m grateful that I have food to eat and clothes to wear. Many of us take advantage of what was given to them and they don’t realize that there are people who is less fortunate. It’s a blessing to be alive. One of the many things I’m grateful for is friends who is willing to listen to me vent. I am grateful for this girl and many others that is in my life right now. Thank you for dealing with my randomness. Remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have friends who will listen to you and be there for you. Therefore, you should be thankful every single day of your life, not just for the month of November. I am all over the place in this post, that’s what red wine does to you.



“Shuushi” “autumnal melancholy”; a feeling of deep sadness associated with the autumn season. The sadness associated with seeing the leaves changing their colors, and beginning to fall – it means that the dark, cold months of winter are inching ever closer, day by day.