A New Chapter

Before Christmas, I went to Tennessee for a cousin’s family trip. All the cousins decided to go somewhere none of us have been to. The trip was marvelous, we enjoyed hiking and being outdoors. We stayed in a cabin near Smoky Mountains and that was wonderful. It was like we left the social world behind and just enjoyed each other’s company. Trips like this makes me grateful for the family and friends that I have. Can you go one day without your phone or electronic device? I’m glad that this trip was such a hit that we are planning to do it an annual thing. I wonder what our next location will be.

I am so thankful to be part of a team filled with such strong women. They taught me a lot of about the hospitality industry. These women are caring, kind and smart. It was a pleasure working with them and I could not ask for a better people to learn from. We had a holiday party for the staff and it was fun seeing all the managers serving us. That was a nice surprise! Overall, it was a fun event and I had a good time seeing everyone getting drunk.

The end of my 2013 was filled with relaxation and a small weekend trip. Also, it was hectic and I was so wrapped into it that I neglected to make a post. The only way to end 2013 was to catch a burlesque show called the Slutcracker. I loved that we were able to see a show filled with laughter and a sense of originality. One aspect that I like to stress about the show was that they were comfortable in their own skin. This show was not a way to portray the perfect skinny body. Instead, many of the actors and actresses did not have what people consider the “perfect” body or the norm. I like that a lot, we need to promote more self-love and self acceptance in this society.

Instead of having many new years resolution, I would like to just be better than I was last year. Everyone is already saying that they feel 2014 seems a lot better than 2013. I just know that 2014 will be the year to take charge and jump at any opportunity that head my way. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?



1 thought on “A New Chapter

  1. Kate Mothes

    I love trips where you can just get away, turn the technology off (because it probably won’t work anyway) and enjoy simply being where you are, and with those you’re with. My sisters and I took a big road trip out to Glacier National Park last summer and it was the same thing… so wonderful to be out in nature, enjoying great company, having a blast. It always goes too fast! The Smoky Mtns are beautiful! So far, 2014 for me has already thrown some surprises my way, and I think it should be amazing.. and at the very least, eventful! All the best with your new year!

    Kate x

    Artsy Abroad // http://artsyabroad.blogspot.com


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