Mini Resemblance





Do you have a little sister/niece/nephew/brother that you see yourself in them? Sometimes I think that Jasmine is my mini version. I used to be exactly like her when I was little. Instead of helping my mom clean when I was younger, I would run outside to play hopscotch or go upstairs to my neighbor’s house and play. You just want to be a kid and each day is a brand new adventure. She is just as adventurous as I am, I remembered when she was two. This little girl was the queen of climbing, she would climb everywhere high and low. I love that my niece love the outdoors more than playing her video games.

For as long as I could remember, I dived right into arts and crafts, painting, drawing and making things. My drawings started off as stick figures, square heads and now they look more realistic. As for Jasmine, she is so creative, you have no idea! She would make the coolest things, like cutting out rainbows and placing a triangle on the bottom of it. It just looks right. Somehow I would think her ideas are so mature that it scares me. I love the fact that no one taught her how to make certain things and she ends up creating it on her own. Sometimes her creativity caused her to get in trouble because she would leave trails of paper cutting everywhere. I remember being young and not care like that, but now as we grow older, we know better.

I feel like I am her second mother sometimes; babysitting, feeding, and taking her places An interesting fact: I named her. You know those books with baby names, somehow I stumbled upon names that begins with J and Jasmine caught my eye. The reason? Maybe because I love Jasmine in Aladdin or because the smell of Jasmine is lovely. Or because whoever is named Jasmine have a  strong, determined nature in them. Jasmine definitely have a strong natured in her. Now that she is six, she say the most adorable things, “I can’t wait to get older (referring to being seven), I will have long hair just like you.” This little girl really is me! I remember being young and hoping my mom would let me have long hair like my sisters. Instead I get the typical bowl haircut with the bangs.   Or sometimes she would say things similar to this, “Grandpa can’t go to the zoo with us because he doesn’t have enough monies.” 

I just hope that she enjoys being young than wishing to grow up. We long to be young again, I think that is one of many things children tend to forget and take for granted.


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