A Quick Stop


I love the days where things happened spontaneously. It’s a good day when I get to stop by one of my favorite bookstore, Brattle Book Shop. It is one of the oldest bookstores in Boston, not only is it different but it is very similar to thrifting. We would have to dig through all the racks outside for a good read, but sometime you just stumbled upon one. I found some really good ones just by looking through the shelves. That’s the best isn’t it? I think Boston need more bookstores around the downtown area and more of a sitting area just so one can enjoy a quick read.



Each of my books are $1, what a steal! I am not sure but I am always interested in reading books about the King Henry V period. Maybe it is adding to my addiction towards Game of Thrones even though they are nowhere connected to one another. And I have always been a fan of Elie Wiesel ever since I read his book, NightThe book just captured you and bring you straight to the events of the holocaust. He is very descriptive and the details of everything that occurred him during the Holocaust. I am not sure if I will ever have the will power to survive it that happen to me.



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